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Forge Watch Monthly Qualifying Tournaments

Forge Watch recently announced that they would be holding a Second Forge Watch Invitational Tournament during the latter half of 2014. The only way to guarantee yourself an invitation to this incredible competitive event is through a our Monthly Qualifying Tournaments.

Tournament Schedule

The next qualifying tournament will be held on May 3.
The first round of Swiss will begin at 9:00am US West Coast time (4:00pm UTC).
Check out all the action at:

More information on the May Event can be found here.
Sign-up using this form.
Sign-ups close 12 hours before the event at 6:00pm US West Coast on Friday, May 2nd (1:00am UTC).
Players who have earned a Swiss Round bye that can be used in this event are listed here.

The Subsequent Forge Watch Qualifying Tournament will take place the weekend of June 6/7/8.

Past Tournaments:

  • April 4
  • March 15
  • February 15

The total number of qualifying tournaments has not yet been determined. Our plan is to run one tournament a month between now and the Second Invitational. However, the exact month of the Invitational will depend on the SolForge card release schedule which has not yet been determined.

Tournament Structure and Byes

Each tournament will feature a number of best-of-one Swiss rounds (number of rounds may vary by tournament), followed by a Single-Elimination bracket for the Top 16 where each match is best-of-three. We will be streaming throughout the event, but spectators are encouraged to tune in for the Top 16 where we will have:
— The highest quality expert commentary
— Special guests from the SolForge community
— Fabulous Prize Give-aways

We are also pleased to offer byes in the Swiss rounds of the tournaments for players who would like an easier path to the Top 16. (No player can have more than 2 rounds of bye in a single qualifying event). Players can earn byes as follows. Any of the following byes can be used at any of the qualifying events (players indicate at sign-up whether they wish to use any byes that they have earned). We will keep a list of earned byes on the Forge Watch website.

1) Each month, the Top 4 players with the most wins in-client constructed tournaments will earn a bye.
2) Each player who is featured on the Forge Watch Match of the Week earns a bye<
3) Each player who made the Top 8 in the first Forge Watch Invitational has earned a bye
4) Each player who makes the Top 4 in a Forge Watch qualifying event earns a bye for use at a subsequent event
5) Each payer who wins any Forge Watch community tournament (including Un-Heroic events, team events, and whatever other fun events we decide to run) earns a bye.

Additionally, each month, any player who was in the Top 20 (but not missed the Top 4) most wins for in-client constructed tournaments will earn a bye at the very next qualifying tournament. Unlike the other byes we are offering, these byes cannot be saved and are only valid at the very next qualifying event. (That is, a player who is in the Top 20 for in-client constructed events in February, will earn a bye that can only be used at the March tournament.) We will publish the list of the Top 20 in-client tournament players each month on the Forge Watch website.

Fabulous Prizes

The most important reward for these events is the chance to play in the Second Forge Watch Invitational. The Top 4 players at each Qualifying Tournament will guarantee themselves an invitation to the Invitational. Additionally, a player with a Top 8 finish can guarantee themselves an invitation with a Top 16 finish at another Qualifying Tournament. Any player who finishes in the Top 32 will earn points towards seeding for the Second Invitational.

Additional prize details for each event will be announced at least two weeks in advance. The top prize for each event will include three copies of the player’s choice of alternate art cards (chosen from among cards that have previously appeared in the store). Additionally, everyone in the Top 8 will walk away with at least 2,500 Gold.

Prizes will also be given out to spectators who watch the stream of the Top 16. (These prizes will be given out via contests or random drawings.) However, there will be no prizes for participation. If you would like to win participation prizes, please check out the Forgewatch Limited Rarity series (which includes unHeroic and other fun events featuring alternate deck construction rules).

Additional Information

These qualifying events are streamed events, by participating in the events you agree that your match may be streamed and you agree to cooperate with our streaming efforts by sharing your stream if asked. (We always hide a player’s hand when sharing the player’s screen unless explicitly given permission by the player to show their hand.)

Tournament sign-ups for qualifying events will be announced on the Forge Watch Website, the Forge Watch Twitter account, and the official SolForge Forums. We may find it necessary to cap participation in qualifying events. If we cap participation, spots will be given out on a first-come first-serve basis. However, if capping participation becomes necessary, we will reserve several spots at the end for players who have earned byes that they wish to use.

When each qualifying event is announced, we will announce the time at which sign-ups will open. Typically, sign-ups will open 7 days before the event and close 24 hours before the event. However, these times may vary slightly from month to month. Late sign-ups for qualifying events will not be accepted under any circumstances. Players must indicate at the time they sign-up whether they wish to use any byes they may have previously earned.

Decklists must be submitted at sign-up time. However, players are free to change their decks up until 24 hours before the tournament. Decklists will NOT be published during the Swiss rounds, but will be published for the Top 16. For qualifying events we will require players to submit a text version of their decklist (screenshots are not accepted).

Players are expected to play every match of the tournament in a timely fashion. Each tournament will provide information to the players on when they are expected to show up for their rounds. Players who do not start their matches within the specified window of time will be dropped from the tournament. Time limits for rounds will be announced for each qualifying tournament, but typically players will have 25-30 minutes to complete their game. If a game fails to complete in the allocated amount of time, the tournament organizers will typically decide the outcome of the game randomly . However, if the organizers receive evidence that a particular player is responsible for the delay, the organizers reserve the right to award the win to that player’s opponent. Please note that every game of SolForge ends with a victory for one of the two players. There is no situation in which the players in the tournament can claim an outcome (e.g., a tie) that could not be achieved using the SolForge client.

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  1. I’m currently registered for the tournament as khaldrogo. On a different account I feel I can build a different deck. I understand that signups are closed but if I can switch to a deck I feel is more competitive in the current meta on one of my other accounts that would be great. Please respond ASAP.

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