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Forgewatch Invitational

The Forgewatch Invitational:
Win an Appearance on a SolForge Card! is pleased to announce the Forgewatch Invitational, an exclusive tournament where the best SolForge players in the world will compete for over 120,000 Gold worth of  fabulous prizes — including a future SolForge card featuring the likeness of the tournament champion.

As you know, this past December Stoneblade released a large patch that will usher in a new standard constructed. The patch featured 24 new cards (including one Heroic and one Legendary of each faction), as well as a large number of changes to existing cards. We are very excited to make the Forgewatch Invitational the first major competitive event to take place in the new metagame.

Congratulations to Bludex for winning the Forgewatch Invitational!

Here are the final results for the Top 8, and the decklists for the Top 8. (If you are interested in decklists for other players not making the Top 8, you can find links at the bottom of this page.) Additionally, you may be interested in these interviews with the Top 8, where they talk about their decks.

You can find recordings of the action at:

Schedule  | Prizes | Qualifying  | Seeding | Spectators |  Questions  | Final Pools


Pool Play: January 10-12

  • Friday, Jan. 10 :   9:00pm US East Coast (2:00am UTC)
  • Saturday, Jan. 11 :  Noon US East Coast (5:00pm UTC)
  • Saturday, Jan. 11 :  8:00pm US East Coast (1:00am UTC)
  • Sunday, Jan. 12 :  1:00pm US East Coast (6:00pm UTC)

Top 8: January 18 (the bracket is here)

  • Whytefyre vs Bludex  — 2:00pm US East Coast (7:00pm UTC)
    The other Round of 8 matches will take place simultaneously, off camera.
  • (Holyllama or Pesh021) vs (Table1 or Xtof) — 3:00pm US East Coast (8:00pm UTC)
  • (Whytefyre or Bludex) vs (DarksoulSP or TinyGrimes) — 4:00pm US East Coast (9:00pm UTC)
  • Third Place Match — 5:00pm US East Coast (10:00pm UTC)
  • Finals — 6:00pm US East Coast (11:00pm UTC)


Grand Prize:
* Stoneblade’s artists will immortalize you on a SolForge card in an upcoming set
* 25,000 Gold
* Any Legendary card of your choice [1]

Second Place:
* 20,000 Gold
* Any Legendary card of your choice [1]

Third Place:
* 15,000 Gold
* Any Legendary card of your choice [1]

Fourth Place:
* 10,000 Gold
* Any Legendary card of your choice [1]

Fifth – Eighth Place:
* Two Premium Packs [2]

* Any Legendary card of your choice [1]

Ninth – Sixteenth Place:
* One Premium Pack [2]


[1] For technical reasons, individual cards will not be available immediately after the tournament. However, these prizes will be delivered promptly, as soon as a mechanism for transferring individual cards is released.

[2] Winners can select Set 1 or Set 2 Premium packs. Alternatively, we can substitute a suitable number of Stoneblade event tickets.

Qualifying For the Tournament is pleased to provided guaranteed invitations to anyone who finishes in the Top 4 in a standard constructed event (tournaments every weekend), or the Top 2 at a /r/SolForge standard constructed event. A list of qualifying tournaments is available below.

In addition to guaranteed invitations, we will ensure at least a 64 player field by providing at-large invitations to other players who have distinguished themselves in standard constructed tournaments, but failed to place high enough in any single event to earn a guaranteed invitation. Factors that will be used to determine at-large invitations will include:

  • How many Top 8 or Top 16 bids finishes did the player get in qualifying standard constructed tournaments?
  • What was the player’s highest finish in a qualifying standard constructed tournament?
  • How many qualifying standard constructed tournaments did the player enter?
  • Has the player been a positive (and non-disruptive) member of the community?

The following is a list of qualifying standard constructed events.

Forgewatch #1 — Friday, August 16 (9:00pm US East Coast : 1:00am UTC)
Forgewatch #2 — Saturday, August 24 (1:00pm US East Coast : 5:00pm UTC)
Forgewatch #3 — Saturday, August 31 (9:00pm US East Coast : 1:00am UTC)
Forgewatch #4 — Sunday, September 8 (2:00pm US East Coast : 6:00pm UTC)
Reddit #1 — Tuesday, September 10 (9:00pm US East Coast : 1:00am UTC)
Forgewatch #5 — Saturday, September 14 (10:00am US East Coast : 2:00pm UTC)
Forgewatch #6 — Saturday, September 21 (9:00pm US East Coast : 1:00am UTC)
Reddit #2 — Tueday, September 24 (9:00pm US East Coast : 1:00am UTC)
Forgewatch #7 (with Metagaming.TV) — Sunday, September 28 (10:00am US East Coast : 2:00pm UTC)
Forgewatch #8 — Saturday, October 5 (2:00pm US East Coast : 6:00pm UTC)
Forgewatch #9 — Saturday, October 12 (7:00pm US East Coast : 11:00pm UTC)
Forgewatch #10 — Saturday, October 19 (9:00pm Sydney, Australia : 10:00am UTC)
Forgewatch #11 (with Metagaming.TV) — Sunday, October 20 (9:00am US East Coast : 1:00pm UTC)
Forgewatch #12 — Saturday, October 26 (8:00pm US East Coast : Midnight UTC)
Special Team Event: Friday, October 25 — 8:30pm US East Coast (12:30am Saturday UTC)
Last Chance Qualifier: Saturday, November 16 — (11:00am US East Coast : 4:00pm UTC)


We will be seeding all participating players prior to pool play. Seeding will be used to set up the bracket within each pool, which will result in higher seeded players having an easier path to the Final 8. (In particular, in the first round of pool play, top seeded players will play opponents who received at-large invitations to the event.)

Additionally, we will do everything in we can to put all participating players end up in pools that fit their schedules. However, we realize that it will not be possible to put every player into his/her first choice pool. That being said, in assigning pools we will give preferential treatment to highly seeded players so that such players are more likely to receive their first choice of pool.

The following factors will be used to determine seeding:

  • How many Top 4, Top 8 or Top 16 bids finishes did the player get in qualifying standard constructed tournaments?
  • What was the player’s highest finish in a qualifying standard constructed tournament?


In addition to providing an incredible competition, the Forgewatch Invitational will also be among the greatest spectator events in the history of SolForge.

Checkout the action at:

Event coverage will be streamed both weekends. We will be featuring games all weekend during pool play. However, the highlight of the event is our coverage on January 18. Every  game of the Final Four — including the third place game — will happen live on Stream with:

* Expert commentary
* Special guests
* Exciting giveaways

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an entrance fee either for the Invitational or for the Qualifying events? is very pleased to be able to offer these events completely free of charge to the entire community.

How will Pool Play work? How long will each Pool take?  Our current plan is to run each pool as a double-elimination tournament, with best-of-3 matches. Each pool should take between 4 and 5 hours to complete.

How will the Final 8 work? How long will the Final 8 take? Our current plan is to run the four quarter-final matches (the round of 8) simultaneously, and then run the remaining matches sequentially — so that spectators can watch each game in the Final 4. He have allotted one hour for the quarterfinal matches and we expect that the Final 4 will take just under four hours to complete.

What if I qualify for the Final 8, but something comes up and I can’t make it? If a Top 8 player is unable to attend the quarterfinal matches on November 16, we will award him/her 9th place in the tournament and give his/her spot to the highest seeded player among those who finished 3rd in their pool.

How does the winner’s face end up on a future SolForge card? The winner will provide Stoneblade with a photograph, which Stoneblade will deliver to their talented artists. The artists will then produce SolForge character art that captures the features of the tournament winner. This art will appear on an actual SolForge card in a future set. As an example of how this works, look at the good-looking individual who is shown 1 minute and 45 seconds into this Kickstarter video, then look at Steelshaper Savant. Note: Stoneblade does not guarantee that the winner will end up on card in his/her favorite faction … but if you have a favorite faction, Stoneblade might be able to hook you up.

Do I have to play on the same account I used to earn an invitation? No. The number 1 goal of this event is to get the highest quality matches possible streamed during the final rounds of this event. If you have access to a second account and that account has slightly different cards and allows you to build a deck that you think is better in the current meta, then you are welcome to play on that account. If this applies to you, please contact my gmail (the.noetherian).

Why did you postpone the event? We reached out to the community at large, as well as all of the top seeded players. The response was overwhelmingly that the community wanted this event to be the first major event in the new standard constructed environment. We have high hopes that viewership of the Top 8 will be significantly higher, and that the competing players will have more fun because of the change. Additionally, we are excited to be able to reward those players who are able to adjust quickly to the changes introduced in the new patch.

What about other questions that aren’t answered here? If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the.noetherian at his gmail account.

Final Pools for Pool Play

Friday, January 10 : 9:00pm US East Coast (2:00am UTC)

Upper Bracket Winner: Table1
Lower Bracket Winner: DarksoulSP
Friday Decklists

Saturday, January 11 : 12:00pm US East Coast (5:00pm UTC)

Upper Bracket Winner: Pesh021
Lower Bracket Winner: Bludex
Early Saturday Decklists

Saturday, January 11 : 8:00pm US East Coast (1:00am UTC)

Upper Bracket Winner: TinyGrimes
Lower Bracket Winner: Holyllama
Late Saturday Decklists

Sunday,  January 12 : 1:00pm US East Coast (6:00pm UTC)

Upper Bracket Winner: Whytefyre
Lower Bracket WInner: Xtof
Sunday Decklists


  1. Will I have to use my own account to participate in the event, or will I be able to use a friend’s?

    Until draft has been out for a while I will not be able to build a particularly competitive deck.

  2. You list the October 12th tournament as being 9 PM US East Coast, but it is 7 PM in the tournament thread on the forums.

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