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Raidrinn Revews: Core Set Tempys

Raidrinn Revews: Core Set Tempys

I’m back to take you on a journey through the fire and flames. The rating system is as follows:

Standard Constructed
0 – Unplayable – These cards should never ever be placed in a deck ever (ever ever never ever).
1 – Niche – Under regular circumstances, this card should not be played, but in certain decks may serve a key purpose
2 – Playable – Most cards fall under this category.
3 – Strong – Not a staple, but certainly better than average.
4 – Staple – Most of the cards here will be the centerpieces of many decks.
5 – All Star – Very rare that a card will be rated this highly. Cards that appear in here should nearly always be included in decks that contain that faction.

Abraxas Avatar of Kadras

Abraxas, Avatar of Kadras: 2

What a cool ability, I don’t usually like Activate abilities, but this one makes sure that the two creatures you play next to it have enough Attack to head off even the largest of creatures. Too bad it’s not permanent.

Aerial Surge

Aerial Surge: 2

Giving any creature Mobility 1, especially one of the many creatures in Tempys that do extra damage or help destroy the field will enable you to surge ahead of the opposition. Incidentally, this is the most powerful of the Level 1 Surges.

Aquatic Embrace

Aquatic Embrace: 1

While it may seem that we are drowning in niche cards, sometimes you need a spell that helps keep one of your creatures alive.

Ashurian Mystic

Ashurian Mystic: 3

Mystic gets scary if left alone. When played in an open lane I can assure(ian) you that your opponent will have to use at least one card on it or be overwhelmed by your aggressive assault.

Asirs Blessing

Asir’s Blessing: 0

If a sir want’s to have fun, you have my blessing. But this ability is not worth one of your plays.

Avalanche Invoker

Avalanche Invoker: 1

The stats on this creature are rock solid, but ability invokes no feelings in me.

Call the Lightning

Call the Lightning: 2

All the creatures are kung-fu fighting. This kills fast as lightning. But only if your deck is built specifically to flood the board and take advantage of the spell.

Cinderfist Brawler

Cinderfist Brawler: 3

Now that the card has some health again, it can survive Epidemic and opposing Magma Hound damage. It also doesn’t need to be leveled to deal a ton of damage to an opponent or brawl with large creatures.


Disintegrate: 0

Despite the fact that I played this in a tournament winning deck, that was wrong and this card should be burned.

Everflame Phoenix

Everflame Phoenix: 5

Straight up insane. Huge at level 1, if played on turn 8 gives you a colossal advantage turn 9, and when it dies is burns up your opponent. If you have these, play them.

Fervent Assault

Fervent Assault: 3

I’m fervently against most cards that buff creatures, but Mobility and damage mean that this can both remove a creature or let and important target dodge blockers and assault the opponent. Did I mention that you don’t need to Level it up? You don’t need to Level it up.

Firefist Uranti

Firefist Uranti: 2

I’m not really a fan of Activate in this set, but cards with repeatable damage effects can be really powerful.


Firestorm: 3

Awesome counter to Echowisps (awesome!) and Hunting Packs (which you shouldn’t ever see). A prime sweeper.

Flame Speaker

Flame Speaker: 1

Many people seem to like this in their spell heavy decks but this card doesn’t really speak to me.

Flameblade Champion

Flameblade Champion: 3

One-sided Firestorm on a stick! You have to work a little for it to hit but when it does, it’s a champion on the field.

Flameshaper Savant

Flameshaper Savant: 4

This card wrecks. Such an abusable ability that generates so much damage. Savant that I am, you should listen and play this card.

Flamestoke Shaman

Flamestoke Shaman: 3

Stoke your creatures with player damage abilities into a frenzy and rush on in.

Frozen Solid

Frozen Solid: 0

This card gives me cold feet. There is so much better removal in this faction that I don’t think you need look at this.

Glacial Colossus

Glacial Colossus: 0

You’re only going to ice yourself. Don’t play this.

Iceborn Fortitude

Iceborn Fortitude: 0

If you want this effect, have the fortitude to dip into Uterra.

Lightning Brand

Lightning Brand: 0

At first I was really excited for this card, then I saw that it didn’t gain Free at Level 2. Not my brand of awesome.

Lightning Spark

Lightning Spark: 4

Solid staple, 3 of in every Tempys deck.

Lightning Wyrm

Lightning Wyrm: 1

The poor man’s Ashurian Mystic, it’ll wurm its way into some builds, but not very often.

Magma Hound

Magma Hound: 3

Its body is solid at Level 2 and 3 but the ability is why we play this. Fire at a weakened creatures for extra value.

Master of Elements

Master of Elements: 4

All bow down before the master. See its massive stats and unbelievable powers. Should you play him? Elementary!

Nargrath Bruiser

Nargrath Bruiser: 1

He has decent stats and his ability can be useful. I still don’t think he’ll be slotted into decks very often.

Primordial Surge

Primordial Surge: 1

I’ve seen this as a one of finisher in very aggressive decks. But you have to have surged way ahead for this to put the game away.

Pyre Giant

Pyre Giant: 2

This card eats giant swaths of your opponent’s life. The body isn’t great, but that’s not why you are playing him.

Rageborn Hellion

Rageborn Hellion: 3

With a rage born of hell, he crashes in over and over while all who try to stop it crumble to ash.


Riftlasher: 1

A much weaker Flameblade Champion, choose the superior option.

Rimehorn Charger

Rimehorn Charger: 1

This one’s got my goat, I’m just not interested.

Scorchmane Dragon

Scorchmane Dragon: 4

Can you get it Leveled? Can you Level it again? Now level your opponent.

Seismic Adept

Seismic Adept: 3

What an abusable ability. No Level requirements mean that this always remains useful.

Spiritflame Mystic

Spiritflame Mystic: 2

This is a decent reset button in the correct circumstances. He shows some real spirit.

Static Shock

Static Shock: 3

Free cards? Free damage? You only need 12 spells or so in your deck for this to work consistently.

Stonefist Giant

Stonefist Giant: 0

Rock bottom rating. Giant pile of nothing.

Storm Bringer

Storm Bringer: 4

Random lanes don’t matter if you are killing things or getting in for damage. Awesome creature.

Storm Caller

Storm Caller: 0

I call that this will sit in your collection indefinitely until we can trade them in.

Stormforged Avatar

Stormforged Avatar: 2

Mobility is decent, but this is another avatar of mediocrity.

Uranti Bolt

Uranti Bolt: 3

Solid removal with a very relevant ability that can be used the entire game.

Uranti Cryomancer

Uranti Cryomancer: 1

I’d like this more, but the ability doesn’t actually scale all that well.

Volcanic Giant

Volcanic Giant: 1

He can do some damage, but he’s not really all that giant.

Water Walker

Water Walker: 0

Be a sir, don’t stare, just walk on by.

Wind PRimordial

Wind Primordial: 2

Solid Mobility creature.

Windcaller Shaman

Windcaller Shaman: 3

Moving your own creatures is very powerful. Combine with Doomwing for maximum value!

Zyx, Storm Herald

Zyx, Storm Herald: 3

Attacking twice in a turn is sweet. A herald to your opponent’s defeat.

Top 5 Constructed Cards

5: Master of Elements
4: Scorchmane Dragon
3: Lightning Spark
2: Flameshaper Savant
1: Everflame Pheonix

These cards make up most of a deck all by themselves. While I’m tempted to put Flameshaper first, I’m sure that as people learn how to protect themselves from decks that chain lower level cards that he will not seem nearly as unbeatable. The Dragon and the Phoenix are some of the best bombs you can play, you should try them out when you get the chance. Lightning Spark makes it in as a 3 of in every freaking deck you can play it in because its awesome.

Well this has been quite a trip thus far, but the Deepbranch Forest awaits us. Next time, Uterra!

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