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Raidrinn Reviews: Core Set Uterra

Raidrinn Reviews: Core Set Uterra

When traveling through the Deepbranch Forest, one must be wary of the both the beasts and the secretive forest clans that dwell within. If you dare brave the dangers, you summon powerful allies to aid your cause.

Standard Constructed

0 – Unplayable – These cards should never ever be placed in a deck ever (ever ever never ever).
1 – Niche – Under regular circumstances, this card should not be played, but in certain decks may serve a key purpose
2 – Playable – Most cards fall under this category.
3 – Strong – Not a staple, but certainly better than average.
4 – Staple – Most of the cards here will be the centerpieces of many decks.
5 – All Star – Very rare that a card will be rated this highly. Cards that appear in here should nearly always be included in decks that contain that faction.
Arboris Grove Dragon

Arboris, Grove Dragon: 4

If you value your life, avoid the Grove of the Dragon. Its stats aren’t awful during Levels 2 and 3 when your Health is under 100, so don’t feel too bad about continuing to cast this.


Botanimate: 4

This is one of the set’s best removal spells. Three of these will be firmly planted in many Uterra decks.

Bramblewood Guardian

Bramblewood Guardian: 0

The stats are actually pretty impressive, but I’d guard against playing this in a real competitive deck.

Cadaverous Thicket

Cadaverous Thicket: 0

What an awesome name for a card. Despite translating to “Dead Body Thicket” I wouldn’t be caught with this in my deck.

Cavern Hydra

Cavern Hydra: 2

Solid body and Regenerate. Flavorful and very playable.


Chrogias: 4

When the Ents are awakened, not even Saruman can stand in their way.


Cultivate: 2

You have to work for this, but if you can cultivate some random flora, this card is a pretty decent spell.

Deepbranch Ancient

Deepbranch Ancient: 1

You need to go a little deep to trigger this. If you have a full field, you’re probably winning anyway.

Deepbranch Prowler

Deepbranch Prowler: 4

I used to think this card was terrible. Oh how things have changed. A body that never needs to be Leveled is extremely relevant and pushes this into staple status.

Deepwood Bear Rider

Deepwood Bear Riders: 0

Wolves riding bears? Awesome. Lack of text box and meh stats? Ride on past.

Druids Chant

Druid’s Chant: 1

This should be a 0, but the fact that Arboris exists means that people are probably going to end up playing this sometimes.


Echowisp: 5

Combination defensive sweeper and value attacker, I echo the sentiments of many when I say, play this card.


Enrage: 2

The buff this gives is big enough that it can create a bunch of value, especially when played on the correct creature.

Ether Hounds

Ether Hounds: 0

They say dog is a man’s best friend, but this is no friend of mine.

Fangwood Ravager

Fangwood Ravager: 0

Hey, this has the same stats as Master of Elements. Too bad it doesn’t have the same text box.

Feral Instinct

Feral Instinct: 3

Breakthrough is a powerful ability. With the size of creatures in Uterra, it’s my instinct that you should play this.

Ferocious Roar

Ferocious Roar: 4

This card makes me scream with rage every time it makes favorable trades with my board. Such a ferocious ability. Get your playset and put it in every Uterra deck.

Frostwild Tracker

Frostwild Tracker: 3

People need to play this more. You don’t actually lose that much pressure since Ferocious Roar makes everything threatening. I wish I could track how many extra cards this has leveled.

Gemhide Basher

Gemhide Basher: 3

You can’t hide from this dual removal spell and threat, the Basher is gem of a creature.

Ghostscale Cobra

Ghostscale Cobra: 0

This Cobra’s bark is worse than its bite. On the playable scale, don’t.

Glowstride Stag

Glowstride Stag: 2

When you are holding on for deer life, this card will help.

Grove Huntress

Grove Huntress: 3

If you are hunting for a buff, try this.

Grove Matriarch

Grove Matriarch: 1

It’s like a reverse Death Seeker, only not as good.

Heart Tree

Heart Tree: 4

I <3 Tree. No, really. It’s a fantastic card.

Hunting Pack

Hunting Pack: 0

No really. I’m not joking. Don’t play it. Please don’t play it.

Leafkin Progenitor

Leafkin Progenitor: 3

Cast this early and it will leaf your opponents crushed. During the late game, I wood rather cast other things.

Lifeblood Dryad

Lifeblood Dryad: 2

Ferocious Roar 4-6. Unlike Roar, I’d only want to run maybe a singleton of this card to more quickly put away a game that I’m already winning.

Lifeshaper Savant

Lifeshaper Savant: 3

All the Savants are good; this one keeps your other Savants alive.

Lightbringer Cleric

Lightbringer Cleric: 1

This is no Volcanic Giant, but Arboris doesn’t mind this on the board.

Mossbeard Patriarch

Mossbeard Patriarch: 2

In conjunction with Heart Tree, this master healer will keep all your creatures safe.

Natural Selection

Natural Selection: 0

Level-based and difficult to trigger? I naturally would not select it.

Oxidon Spitter

Oxidon Spitter: 1

Don’t let the 1 fool you, if Robot decks become a major threat, this will turn them rust.


Phytobomb: 3

When this card has a place in a deck, it’s a bomb.

Primal Surge

Primal Surge: 1

The weakest of Surge cycle, my primal urge is to avoid this, but free is free.

Restless Wanderers

Restless Wanderers: 2

This card is actually a lot stronger than it looks since the Level 1 version still triggers the Level 3 version.

Rootforged Avatar

Rootforged Avatar: 3

Mono Uterra isn’t a bad deck, and this will root out the opposition.

Runegrove Guardian

Runegrove Guardian: 3

I like this card much more than Deepbranch Ancient. The Runegrove Guardian will stand watch over your draws and give you a low depreciation play before every Player Level.

Shardplate Delver

Shardplate Delver: 2

It gets large; it beats face.

Shardplate Mutant

Shardplate Mutant: 3

This Shardplate must have eaten his Wheaties. Just put a bunch of singularly strong cards and beat your opponent over the head with raw power.

Soothing Radiance

Soothing Radiance: 0

I can say this with a radiant smile: no.

Spring Dryad

Spring Dryad: 3

When leveled consistently, Dryad springs into action and just stomps on your opponent’s creatures. Spring Dryad 3 + Echowisp 3 is almost as good as Echowisp 3 + Ferocious Roar 3.

Swampmoss Lurker: 0

Dinosaurs are freakin’ awesome! But this card will lurk in your inventory growing moss, because it will never make a constructed deck.

Talisin Bard of Abundance

Talisin, Bard of Abundance: 1

I have played card games for a long time, so I have a few stories to tell. Be very wary of cards that let your opponent gain advantage from the ability first. Often, your opponent will remove Talisin and just be up 2 creatures. He does have a massive body however, so feel free to prove my rating wrong.

Toxic Spores

Toxic Spores: 0

This is going to be really good in draft, but in Constructed it will only poison your deck.

Uterra Packmaster

Uterra Packmaster: 4

Even after being nerfed, this is a must play for every heavy Uterra deck. He will be a chase Legendary for a long time to come.

Wildwood Sower
Wildwood Sower

Wildwood Sower: 2

Sowing Seedlings is a relevant strategy and he combos with many other cards like Ferocious Roar or Grimgaunt Devourer.

Top 5 Constructed Cards

5: Botanimate
4: Heart Tree
3: Ferocious Roar
2: Uterra Packmaster
1: Echowisp

Man, this looks like a deck right here. Botanimate is like a combination removal spell and Metasculpt, making it one of the best removal spells in the game. Heart Tree generates a ton of value and makes it even more difficult for your large creatures to die. Ferocious Roar is awesome and can be played in any deck that plays Uterra and Creatures. Packmaster is still fantastic and making sure it doesn’t activate should still be a priority when playing against it. Echowisp blocks, attacks, clears boards, wins games. If you just want to play with raw power, Uterra is where its at.

Thank you so much for reading, everybody. I’ll see you next time.

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  1. One I would disagree with is the shardplate delver. If you are going to give the ashurian mystic a 3, I think the shardplate should get at least a 3. It can get big fast, and is much harder to counter than the mystic, seeing as only death counters its growth.

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