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Rise of the Forgeborn Preview Card: Steelscale Dragon

Rise of the Forgeborn Preview Card: Steelscale Dragon

I am sure the Dragons of the Nekrium, Tempys, and Uterra used to strike fear into the Alloyin Faction. Those Dragons’ natural strength would have been hard for their machines and creations to kill. Even the great Scrapforge Titan could not match their power and speed.

But Alloyin, known for their ability to adapt and evolve, decided enough was enough. They would fight Dragons with Dragons. I expect that they pooled together their resources and knowledge for the ultimate creation. I present to you the Steelscale Dragon.

Steelscale Dragon

Players have been begging for a Robot Dragon since the original three Dragons from Set 1 were discovered. It appears that SBE has delivered and what they have given us is pretty amazing. First, the artwork in this set has been fantastic and this card is not an exception. As far as his abilities are concerned, he strives to not be outdone by his draconian counter parts. If you are able to maintain his restriction, he has incredible stats. An 8/9 or 14/15  Mobility Breakthrough creatures is not something that can be dealt with very easily at Player Rank 1 and 2.

The problem is that the other creatures you play have to be Defenders and you can’t have more than 1 of him on the board at a time. In Set 1, the only Defenders we have are Nexus Core, Forge Guardian Alpha, Glacial Colossus, Heart Tree, Scorchmane Dragon (Level 1), Chrogias (Level 2), Everflame Pheonix (Level 2) and Brightsteel Gargoyle (when it’s not your turn). This currently doesn’t leave you with a lot of options for building a deck, but Rise of the Forgeborn seems to be ramping up the number of good Defenders. We have at least seen Uranti Heartseeker, and there will probably be more to come. Spells like Pyre Song and Jet Pack also give you additional win conditions, so the Defender deck might be a real possibility post-patch.

A card like this is very exciting to see. It is another diverse addition to Rise of the Forgeborn and this is definitely deserving of its Legendary status. I can’t wait to collect and experiment with him in constructed play!

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