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Second Forge Watch Invitational

I am pleased to announce the second season of Forge Watch Competitive play. In the coming months we will be bringing you:

1) The Second Forge Watch Invitational
2) Monthly Forge Watch Qualifying Tournaments
3) The Forge Watch Match of the Week

The Second Forge Watch Invitational

Following the success of the First Forge Watch Inviational, we are pleased to announce a Second Forge Watch Invitational will take place later this year. The Second Invitational will be held during the second half of 2014, approximately three weeks after a major card release. (Mostly likely, this card release will be called “Set 3”, but we won’t know for sure until we get closer.) The Invitational will feature 64 of the best SolForge players in the world competing for over 120,000 gold worth of SolForge prizes.

Additional details on the Second Invitational — including the Grand Prize — will be announced as we get closer to the event. However, this is one competitive SolForge event that you will not want to miss!

Forge Watch Qualifying Tournaments

Starting on February 15, we will be running monthly constructed tournaments. Not only are these tournaments the only way for top players to guarantee themselves a spot in the Second Forgewatch Invitational, but they will also provide a premiere spectator event for players of all levels of experience. Additionally, the winner of each qualifying event will receive three copies of an Alternate Art card of the player’s choosing (chosen from among any alternate art cards that have appeared in the store prior to the tournament), with other prizes for everyone who finishes in the Top 8.

Each tournament will feature a number of best-of-one Swiss rounds (number of rounds may vary by tournament), followed by a Single-Elimination bracket for the Top 16 where each match is best-of-three. We will be streaming throughout the event, but spectators are encouraged to tune in for the Top 16 where we will have:
— The highest quality expert commentary
— Special guests from the SolForge community
— Fabulous Prize Give-aways

Everyone in the Top 32 will earn points towards seeding for the Second Invitational, and everyone in the Top 4 will earn a guaranteed invitation. Players who finish in the Top 8 can guarantee themselves an invitation by finishing in the Top 16 of any other month’s qualifying tournament. Remaining invitations for the Second Invitational will be given out at our discretion, to top competitive players who, in our opinion, have distinguished themselves within the SolForge competitive community.

Top players who distinguish themselves in competitive play can obtain an easier path to the Top 16 by earning byes. Swiss round byes for qualifying events can be earned through in-client constructed tournament queues, or by winning Forge Watch community tournaments — including Limited Rarity [e.g., Un-Heroic] and Team events. Additional details about Forge Watch Qualifying Tournaments will be announced later today in a separate post.

The Forge Watch Match of the Week

Beginning on February 8, Forge Watch will be streaming a premiere match every week between two of the most successful constructed players in the world. These best-of-5 matches will feature the highest level of competitive play along with expert commentary by the Forge Watch team.

Each week, we will invite two players who have demonstrated success in in-client constructed tournaments and/or community constructed events to compete on stream. This series of matches will focus on successful players who are innovating in deck construction. Players of all experience levels can stop by the stream to check out the decklists, see how the decks play, and gain an edge against their opponents by watching the best players in the world pilot cutting edge decks to victory — or defeat!

In addition to fame and public recognition of their SolForge prowess, players who are featured in the Forge Watch Match of the Week will also be rewarded with a Swiss round bye at a future Forge Watch Qualifying tournament.

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