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SolForge Report 10-30-2013

SolForge Report 10-30-2013

Hey everyone! SeomanReborn here with another edition of the SolForge Report. John Fiorillo gave some spoilers about Drafting to help with some player concerns on the forums and Kibler gave us a small look at the iPhone version of Drafting. Kibler also asked for player feedback about tutorial videos and confirmed a changed to the Savant cycle in the next patch. Let’s get on with the Report!


John Fiorillo decided to chime in on some player concerns about Drafting. John’s response revealed that players’ decisions during draft would effect the chance of seeing certain cards. So, the first pack is normally randomized and 5 other packs are also created. You pick from the 1st pack of 6 and then are passed a pack of 5 where the computer took out a card based on what players normally would pick, essentially simulating  a “normal” drafting environment without having to sit in a queue. While it might not be the real thing, it is pretty cool that you can still think about what kind of cards you might see later because players don’t normally first pick them.

On the stream Kibler showed us a screen shot of the Drafting UI on the iPhone version!

iPhone Draft

The first pack is confirmed to have all Heroics or higher. The symbols in the lower right hand corner  let you know what factions you have currently picked. These appear to be 2 separate screens, though they might be the same on the iPad/PC clients.


  • Kibler said that if there is interested in T-shirts with the new Faction Symbols they will put them on the store. Make your voices heard on the forums!
  • Kibler is also working on the SolForge tutorial videos and is asking for suggestions for what content they should have. He asked for people to post in the Suggestions Forum what they would like to see.
  • They are looking to have a contest to create new Avatars and Backgrounds for SolForge. Look for them in the future.
  • Campaign mode is planned to be implemented in the middle of next year. Set 2 will come out before that.
  • The change to the Savant cycle has been confirmed. After the patch, they will only trigger off cards of the same faction.
  • martin, one of the SolForge community members was at Essen and spoke briefly with Justin Gary.  Among some of the things in his report is a 20% off Gold code (Essen20) good until November 1st.  Check it out!

The Stream

Watch live video from StoneBlade on TwitchTV

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