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SolForge Report 9-18-2013

SolForge Report 9-18-2013

Hey everyone! SeomanReborn here with another edition of the SolForge Report. Kibler showed off an internal build with some of the changes coming in the small update. There was a really cool interview done with Kibler where more information about Faction Starter Decks was revealed! Let’s get on with the Report!

Small Client Update Soon!

Kibler showed us some of the new features of the small client update coming soon. Here are some screen shots from the stream:

Next Game Button

This nifty change will let you play multiple games at once and will only show itself when it is your turn in other games.

Next Game Button

You Lose/Win

This is a graphical update to the You Lose/You Win screen. Kibler never won so we didn’t get to see the “You Win” screen, but it’s actually been hiding in the game files for quite some time.  You can see it here below:

You Lose


You Win


Additional Client Changes


  • The Timer will be 20 minutes per player (down from 30 minutes).
  • You will have the ability to purchase deck building slots with Silver or Gold.
  • There will be minor bug fixes to card text and card abilities (No word on specifics).

About Card Changes

There were some questions raised about whether or not SBE plans on changing cards. Kibler decided to talk about it on the stream to address these concerns. To prevent artificial fluctuation in the secondary market and other adverse effects from card changes, SBE will not be changing cards with the frequency of such games as World of Warcraft or League of Legends (That is, changes and updates every couple of months). If they do change a card, it will be be because the card is completely broken or not operating as they intended. That being said, there will be some minor changes to some cards with the Draft update since Set 1 was not playtested with the limited environment in mind. After that, don’t expect many card changes to happen.


  • Ghøstkick did the music for SolForge and they have recently posted it to their sound cloud.
  • MGTV sat down with Brian Kibler in an awesome interview about SolForge. Check it out!
  • SolForge on Reddit passed 1,000 followers and continues to grow. They also hosted the single largest community tournament to date. Their next tournament has been posted on the site.
  • Forge Watch opened up their Tournament section on the website. Make sure you guys visit it to receive up to date information about upcoming tournaments.
  • Kibler stated that Team Play (2v2) might be implemented some time down the road.
  • It is possible that other players’ picks will influence your own in Draft. Kibler would not reveal how that would work.
  • Kibler also stated that the iPhone update should come about the same time as Drafting/Tournaments.
  • Faction starters, the original ones that were available just prior to Set 1 release, will be coming back in the near future. Their prices are still unknown but their contents are the same. If you want to see which cards they will have just check the following links:

The Stream

Watch live video from StoneBlade on TwitchTV

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