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SolForge Tier List

SolForge Tier List

Hey everyone! I am grim2103, and this is the Tier List that I have created based on the strength of cards that are currently released.

This Tier List will update over time as the meta changes and new cards are released. I will post updates with explanations as to the shift in card rankings. For the Tier List itself, it is divided into five Tiers. Within each Tier, the cards are listed in order of my rating for them within the Tier. That is, the first card in the list of Second Tier cards is better than the second card in the list of Second Tier cards.

The criteria for judging the strength of cards is rather subjective. The primary things I look at to evaluate a card’s strength is the purpose it fulfills, how well it fulfills that purpose, and how conducive that purpose it towards winning the game. There are many other factors such as deck archetypes that can utilize this purpose better and its interactions with other cards it can be played with.

For example, Spring Dryad could have been much worse, but since Uterra has cards that come into play as multiples (as opposed to being limited to a maximum of two creatures per turn), it has the ability to get out of control much faster.

Another good example of a card that has great synergy with other cards is the Corpse Crawler. Nekrium has several creatures that are happy being sacrificed, such as the 1/1 Death Seeker that turns into a monster, all the while buffing your Grimgaunt Devourer.

Some cards have an obvious reason for why they are good because they can stand alone such as a powerful creature like Scorchmane Dragon. However, having deadly combinations such as Windcaller Shaman with either Flameblade Champion or Cinderfist Brawler can create devastating effects that the card by itself normally wouldn’t be able to pull off.

Cards also gain value based on the current meta. As an example of a card that gains value from the increased play of other cards (namely Shapers), Bonescythe Reaver has an effect to kill a lower level creature. This effect would become significantly more useful if shapers became more popular and thus your opponent wanted to play lower level creatures. However, since your opponent optimally wants to play the highest level creatures, then his value becomes significantly less.

Another example of cards becoming more prevalent due to the meta are cards that are effective against a particular deck archetype. Swift creatures are very effective being played against control decks that play mostly spell removal or being played in decks that utilize effects such as Rageborn Hellion. Cards like Epidemic and Brimstone Field are useful against decks that play hordes of creatures.

In summary, this can mean a low Tier card has the potential to be a game changer, given the perfect match up. However, the card may be listed as a low Tier if the archetype that it is good against is not played frequently or is not very competitive. This doesn’t mean that every card can be a game changer or that they’re placed in a low tier because their “good matchup” isn’t played. Some cards are just weaker than others.

For more detail on individual cards and the reasons they are in their tier, read the update articles that are posted with each update of the Tier List. This will have a closer analysis on the cards or provide details on why some cards are good or bad.

Latest Update: #4 on 7/28/13

SolForge Tier List Tier 1

  • Uterran Packmaster
  • Grimgaunt Devourer
  • Rageborn Hellion
  • Chrogias
  • Spring Dryad
  • Deepbranch Prowler
  • Ionic Warcharger
  • Scorchmane Dragon
  • Steelshaper Savant

SolForge Tier List Tier 2

  • Lightning Spark
  • Echowisp
  • Blight Walker
  • Firestorm
  • Ferocious Roar
  • Flameblade Champion
  • Epidemic
  • Lifeshaper Savant
  • Fleshfiend
  • Cavern Hydra
  • Graveborn Glutton
  • Enrage
  • Alloyin General
  • Technosmith
  • Windcaller Shaman
  • Brightsteel Sentinel
  • Bonescythe Reaver
  • Scourgeflame Sorcerer

SolForge Tier List Tier 3

  • Glowstride Stag
  • Tech Upgrade
  • Ashurian Mystic
  • Scrapforge Titan
  • Grove Huntress
  • Wind Primordial
  • Hungering Strike
  • Corpse Crawler
  • Synapsis Oracle
  • Flameshaper Savant
  • Darkshaper Savant
  • Death Seeker
  • Grave Pact
  • Forgeplate Sentry
  • Shardplate Delver

SolForge Tier List Tier 4

  • Uranti Bolt
  • Cinderfist Brawler
  • Flamestoke Shaman
  • Volcanic Giant
  • Vengeful Spirit
  • Matrix Warden
  • Soothing Radiance
  • Hunting Pack
  • Magma Hound
  • Riftlasher
  • Fangwood Ravager
  • Stonefist Giant

SolForge Tier List Tier 5

  • Primordial Surge
  • Toxic Spores
  • Spark Bot
  • Scout Drone
  • Electro Net
  • Lightning Wyrm
  • Xithian Hulk
  • Munitions Drone
  • Zombie Infantry
  • Sonic Pulse


  1. Poor Electro Net… I still think it’s fairly underrated. It can turn a lane around on your opponent or even shut down a card and allow you to simply abandon that lane. If nothing else, it’s a niche card that serves as psuedo-removal for decks that don’t have any. I would put it in Tier 4, myself.

    I also feel Cull might be slightly overrated. It’s a solid card, no doubt… but I don’t know about Tier 1. Top card or two of Tier 2? Yes. I just can’t get over its low depreciation, personally. Any card that’s a dead draw in the late game just isn’t Tier 1 material to me.

    And I know you can say that most cards, even things as powerful as Scorchmane or Chrogias, are dead draws in the late game if you haven’t leveled them. But you can still play a creature as a chump blocker if it comes down to it. But with no targets, you can’t play Cull, and that’s bad.

  2. Interesting, I don’t see why Cinderfist is T1, he is good but I don’t feel he is T1 good maybe top T2, could you elaborate with he is up there?

    I understand that he combos with the Windcaller, but without his partner he is just a bit body (comparable to spark bot). Similar to Spring Dryad that needs things like Echo or Hunting Pack to gain more value, he should be sitting in T2 with her I feel.

    Let me know what you think. 🙂

  3. Vengeful Spirit is missing from your list.

  4. Some inconsistencies I’ve noted:

    – The tier list currently reflects update 4, not update 3 as linked.

    Missing cards:

    – Cull the Weak: last listed as Tier 3, majorly changed in the 7/16/13 patch

    Undocumented changes or wrong tier:

    – Blight Walker: listed as Tier 2, blog last listed as Tier 4
    – Deepbranch Prowler: listed as Tier 1, blog last listed as Tier 2

    Cards that have name changes:

    – Flameshaper Savant -> Flameshaper Acolyte

    Cards that might need to re-evaluated:

    – Electro Net: The reasoning given is that Sonic Pulse is much better, which is not the case anymore now that Sonic Pulse is right with it in Tier 5. Is it enough to move up to Tier 4?

    Some suggestions:

    – Given that the PC and iOS versions are not always synced, it’d be useful to have a tier archive, or at least for the versions for each platform.

    – The list would be more readable if there were more organization within the tiers, i.e. by tier, faction, and then alphabetically.

    – A note after the card stating where it was moved from since the last tier update would be handly.

  5. Sorry about the incorrect link, I will update that immediately.

    Cull the Weak is still Tier 3, it managed to not be copied!

    Blight Walker and Prowler are correctly Tiers 2 and 1, respectively. This will be correctly represented if not.

    It appears Flameshaper has been updated by Racecar0

    In regards to Electro Net, check out the Q&A stream on Monday at 5 PST on my twitch (

    As far as the Tier List archives, we may consider that, but it is unlikely to have one for each platform (they will be synched come release and thereafter).

    For the organizations within Tiers, the list is ranked within each Tier. The ordering within the Tier represents the power levels within a Tier, and thus, cannot be reorganized. This is described in more detail in the introduction to the Tier List.

    I will update where the card was moved from in the future when a card switches Tiers.

  6. How is Grimgaunt Predator not on the list? He is a fantastic card.

    Level 1: 5/5 Mobility 1 when a creature in this lane is destroyed Grimgaunt Predator gets +2/+2
    Level 2: 9/9 Mobility 1 when a creature in this lane is destroyed Grimgaunt Predator gets +4/+4
    Level 3: 14/14 Mobility 1 when a creature in this lane is destroyed Grimgaunt Predator gets +6/+6

    Make use of his mobility and kill cards such as cull the weak and grave pact and he is a top tier card IMO.

    • The list was updated before the update containing the full 185 card set. If he were added, he would likely be a low tier 2 card.

      It is likely that the Tier List may become discontinued and I take over the Forging the Deck column (as maintaining a Tier List with hundreds of cards would be unsustainable).

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