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SPOILER ALERT: SolForge Core Set Card List

SPOILER ALERT: SolForge Core Set Card List

WARNING:  This card list is not for the faint of heart.  If you don’t want to see any spoilers for what the full SolForge Core Set card list looks like, what are you doing here?  Go play the new client update!  Bust some packs and have your spoiler-free fun.

The rest of you?  Come with me.

Ok.  So, I’ve done some digging and here is a somewhat poorly formatted card spoiler.  I will probably continue to update/format this after posting, but I wanted to share this with you all as soon as I could.

UPDATE 1: Took out some of the crazy line breaks happening there.

You can download the spoiler in .rtf here.  This is the most accurate version.  It’s also the messiest.

UPDATE 2: Removed the gigantic post and have decided to just go with downloadable files. You can download the spoiler here in .xlsx thanks to Forge Watch reader, lindan!

UPDATE 3:  We’ve now taken lindan’s Excel file and moved all of the separate levels of each card onto one line.  You can get the .csv file here.  Big thanks to CerebralPaladin for making this step happen!  The file is starting to look a little like Swiss Cheese.  We’re using the .rtf file to go back through and put in the data that was accidentally stripped out in the conversion processes.  We’re also cleaning up some of the card text along the way.  If any of you get this completed quicker than us, let us know!

UPDATE 4: The .csv file from Update 3, has now been fixed.  All of the card data should be correct.  Soon we’ll have this all in a Google doc all pretty and nice for you.

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  1. The idea of CORE SET 1 card list is great, but format is bad. Table would have been so much better 🙂
    Never the less, great job 🙂

  2. Well, usually when you data mine, you don’t get to pick the format. Be glad it looks like this instead of what I initially started with…

  3. Saved the list to plain text, then wrote a small converter to clean it up and convert to csv. After a quick import into Excel and some small formatting it’s a great list to work with. I’ll try to send the file your way so you can put it up here.
    Cheers, lindan

  4. I went ahead and added all the new cards to the 2013 Core Set wiki page. Along the way I corrected some existing data. The names of some cards have changed, resulting in broken links, and the individual wiki pages for all the new cards are still missing, of course. Looks like “Power Infusion” has been renamed to “Energy Surge” and “Deathgasp Invoker” may have been changed to “Dr. Frankenbaum”. I left both of the existing card names in the table.

    • The way you handle card name changes is by going to the link of the old name and clicking the little down arrow dropbox next to the search bar at the top. You’ll see one of the options is to Move the article. Select that option and type in the new name. Make sure that you leave a redirect behind so there are no broken links.

      Thanks for all your help on this! It really saves me a bunch of time, so it’s definitely appreciated!

      • I’ve updated the name changes and some of the information on the individual card pages. Still lots of work to be done on that front. I’m doing this instead of playing SolForge because my iPad games keep timing out.

  5. I went through and put in the missing effects/level 3’s in the excel, and moved each level to its own page in the excel file. If you want it, I can send it; I’m new to this so I’m not entirely sure of how to go about this or if this was even what you wanted >.>

  6. I’m working on getting screenshots for all the cards I have. Is there a preferred way of handling them? (Should I upload them directly, or email them somewhere, or what?)

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