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Rise of the Forgeborn Preview Cards – Uterra Draft

Rise of the Forgeborn is coming and this is a great week for spoilers.  Earlier this week, Forge Watch previewed two great Legendary cards: Steelscale Dragon and Delpha, the Chronosculpter.

Unfortunately, being at Legendary, these cards won’t have much impact on the upcoming Rise of the Forgeborn draft environment. Therefore, Kit, Noetherian, and Foxhull are excited to bring you today, a trio of upcoming Rare and Heroic cards that we believe will change the way you think about drafting Uterra. What new strategies might be available when drafting Uterra in Set 2?  Find out in today’s exclusive video preview.

With draft and Uterra on our minds, Kit, Noetherian and Fox collaborate on a Set 1 draft where we assemble a very interesting mostly-Uterra deck. At the end end of the draft video, and at the end of each of the three gameplay videos, we provide exclusive previews of upcoming Rise of the Forgeborn content.

Obviously, Forge Watch isn’t the only site bringing you exclusive previews this week. Follow @Forgewatch on Twitter for tweets and re-tweets of SolForge spoilers that we find elsewhere on the Internet. Also, if you happen to miss a preview, check out Stoneblade’s spoiler gallery on the official SolForge Facebook page.


SolForge Report 12-11-2013

Hello everyone! SeomanReborn here with a preview extravaganza version of the SolForge Report. This week, we got a Chrogias-load of preview cards and an update about the upcoming Patch. Kibler talked about Daily Reward changes and reminded users about StoneBlade’s policy on third party programs. Let’s get on with the Report

Patch Update

  • The Patch is ready to submit to Apple. They plan on submitting it in the next few days then it is all in Apple’s court. The expectation is to have it in our hands before Holiday break.
  • You won’t always get a Tournament Ticket as one of your daily rewards, but Kibler was unclear about how many you should average in a week.
  • You will be able to purchase Draft Tickets with a “quite high” amount of Silver.
  • Drafts will cost 7 tickets and Constructed Tournaments will cost 3 tickets.
  • Constructed Tournaments will have tickets as rewards for winning.
  • There will be no distinction between Gold or Silver tickets in the client. Because of this, if any part of a Draft or Constructed Tournament is paid with Gold tickets then all cards earned will be marked as Gold for purpose of trading.
  • Kibler announced that the “3rd win of the day” daily reward will be going away, and in its place will be a reward for a 3rd win against an Online Opponent and a 5th win against an Online Opponent. They plan on going to a “Silver per win” system but they do not have the UI system in place to implement this method.

Preview Cards

This last week saw a huge influx of preview cards. Here are all the cards in order of release:

SeomanReborn’s Featured Streamer Preview

Cypien Infiltrator

Note that when the card was shown on Facebook, the card name was changed, indicating a typo on the initial preview.

TinyGrimes’s Featured Streamer Preview

Witherfrost Banshee

Foxhull’s Featured Stream Preview Preview Card – read Raidrinn’s article here!


Player Level 4 Preview Card

Stone Blade’s Weekly Stream Preview

Wildfire Maiden

All of these previews, except for the latest stream preview, are reviewed by the Forge Watch crew on the latest Player Level 4 Podcast. Check it out to hear our thoughts about all of these spoilers! Also, Kibler spoiled that the SolForge SubReddit will be showing off their preview card sometime this week.


  • The official SolForge FAQ is up on the website. Make sure to check it out here.
  • Kibler commented on a post about a “SolForge Bot” program that you could run that would automatically do your dailies for you. As per the SolForge Terms of Use this is not allowed and according to Kibler it is a bannable offense. Don’t use third party programs with SolForge.
  • There will be more information about Leaderboards and the Tournament scene coming out next year.
  • On Facebook, Thundersaur’s rarity was confirmed as Legendary.

The Stream

Watch live video from StoneBlade on TwitchTV

Player Level 4: Double Feature

Welcome to Player Level 4: where we take your game to the next level! We’ve got a double feature for you, so let’s get started!

Episode 4: Oh Canada

This week our special guest is the one and only JakeAlmighty, hailing all the way from Canada! We discuss card changes, Thundersaur (at the Thunderdome), the metagame and draft, so make sure to tune in! Read More »

SolForge Report 11-27-2013

Hello everyone! SeomanReborn here with a pre-turkey edition of the SolForge Report. This week, Kibler gave us another card preview and discussed what StoneBlade is thinking about doing with Draft and Constructed Tournament rewards. John Fiorillo gave us greater transparency on the status of the upcoming patch and SolForge made the Forbes Top DCG list. On with the Report!

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SolForge Report 11-6-2013

Hello everyone! SeomanReborn here with another exciting SolForge Report. Kibler gave us a full preview of the Tournament and Drafting UI while also showing us some of the changes to a few common cards in the current set. The iPhone release got an update while the PC Client received some nice quality of life changes. Let’s get on with the Report!

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The Bracket #6: The Future of SolForge Organized Play

In the land of SolForge Forum games, there are basically five ongoing or recurring organized play events: The Community Tournaments (organized by Racecar0), King of the Hill (or KotH, organized by SkyAnemone), Limited Events (organized by Cerebral Paladin), Ranked Play (organized by grim2103), and the Alternate League (organized by EldrosKandar).  Ranked Play and KotH both seem stable for now.  Ranked Play matches will likely continue in this form as long as forum games are on-going; eventually, hopefully, Stoneblade Entertainment (SBE) will implement some kind of ranked system and take over ladder management.  As for KotH, again I expect this event to continue in basically its current form for as long as there are forum games; once we have a client with online multiplayer, Sky (or someone else) will likely start up a new KotH list, if there is sufficient interest.

The future of the other three events, however, is not quite as clear.  So, I asked the creators of each of these three events what they had in mind, both in the short-term and in the long-term. Read More »

The Bracket #4: The Tournament 4 Finale (and some other items of interest)

In The Bracket this week, I thought I would run through some of the top SolForge tournaments and other organized events that have been going on in the forums over the last couple weeks. Read More »

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