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SolForge Report 9-18-2013

Hey everyone! SeomanReborn here with another edition of the SolForge Report. Kibler showed off an internal build with some of the changes coming in the small update. There was a really cool interview done with Kibler where more information about Faction Starter Decks was revealed! Let’s get on with the Report!

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The SolForge Report 9-12-2013

Hello everyone! SeomanReborn here with another edition of The SolForge Report! This week Kibler talked to us about a smaller update that will happen relatively soon to help with some quality of life issues in SolForge. Kibler also talked about Matchmaking, Timers, and gave us an update on the Flavor Text Contest. Let’s get on with the Report! Read More »

The SolForge Report 9-6-2013

Hey everyone! SeomanReborn here with another edition of The SolForge Report. Tournaments and Drafting were a hot topic this week on the forums and chat. StoneBlade had a good presence at PAX East, while Kibler participated in a Digital Card Game panel along side developers of Hex and Might & Magic: Duel of Champions.  Kibler also talked about good quality of life changes coming to the UI with the next update while Jeff Liu (phantrich) talked a bit about some upcoming changes in Daily Rewards. Let’s get on with the Report! Read More »

Player Level 4 Episode 1: Level Up!

Welcome to Player Level 4: where we take your game to the next level!

This week Kit and I are proud to announce that we’ve joined the Forge Watch team! Accompanying that announcement, we have Raidrinn coming back, and our special guest this week is Racecar0, the man behind Forge Watch. Join us in this week’s podcast as we discuss the most recent news, tournament results, upcoming events, and the state of the metagame! Read More »

The SolForge Report 8-21-2013 (GenCon and Interview Edition!)

Hello everyone! SeomanReborn here, back from GenCon and still not down from the Set 1 release high! Both have been very time-consuming but not without a bunch of fun and excitement. Set 1 or “Alpha” was released last Tuesday (8-13-2013) right before the weekly stream. While it had many initial server problems, the set itself is fantastic. I have been making several decks a day testing out different ideas, and it seems like the possibilities are just endless right now. For GenCon, I got to work with Rob Dougherty in the Event Hall running mainly Ascension tournaments. This didn’t stop me from preaching the good word about SolForge and getting tons of cool info, though. I even did an interview with Justin Gary!

There are still many big questions about the future of SolForge and there are actually a ton of answers available right now. So on with the Report!

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The SolForge Report 8-12-2013 (Special Edition!)

Hello everyone! SeomanReborn here with a Special Edition of The SolForge Report. In the early morning hours on 8/12/2013 Brian Kibler and Justin Gary were streaming Magic: The Gathering, but then switched over to SolForge spoiler mode. They talked about various things coming up with the release of Alpha set, showed us the new Open Beta client on the PC, and gave us a ton of spoilers. Combine that with the spoilers from the SolForge Facebook page and we have a ton of awesome stuff to look at. We wanted to make sure this got out before the Open Beta client hits so lets get on with the Report!

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The SolForge Report: 8-6-2013

Hello everyone! SeomanReborn here with another edition of The SolForge Report. We didn’t get a lot of information since StoneBlade has been preparing for GenCon and Kibler, their main public relations representative, was busy destroying people at the Magic: The Gathering World Championship. Kibler made it back in time for the stream and did it from Justin Gary’s house who also made a guest appearance. Many exciting things were revealed this week, so let’s get on with it! Read More »

The SolForge Report: 7/19/2013

Hey everyone! SeomanReborn here with a rebooted version of what was previously known as SolForge Stream Sum-up. Since a lot of information comes out in the form of interviews, tweets, forum posts, etc., I decided to start compiling all of these things together with the stream. So, if you’re looking for information about what has been going on in SolForge this week, this is your one-stop column.

Card Preview – Power Infusion


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SolForge Card Preview #38: Uterran Packmaster

Boars, bears, and wolves oh my!  Raidrinn is back with another SolForge Card Preview.

I am loving the rare cards in this first SolForge set, every single one really grabs the flavor of their Faction and makes me curious to see where they will be placed in competitive play.  Uterran Packmaster is one of those cards that takes the flavor of being a leader and runs away with it.  A strong leader makes the pack stronger, and that exactly what this card does.  Unfortunately there is a severe drawback.  Uterran Packmaster only pumps Uterran.  Because of this, if you play another faction, the cards you are looking to include are creatures that have awesome abilities and cards that keep Uterran Packmaster alive.  That being said, If this Faction restriction causes you to dislike this card, I think he’ll grow on you. Here are some of my Favorite Faction Fusions.

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The Backet #3: Breaking Down The Tournament 5 Field

SolForge Community Tournament 5 has begun.  And because I’m just that kind of guy (for better or worse), I’ve put together a spreadsheet with everyone’s deck lists.*  Hopefully you find that scouting report useful as the tournament moves forward. Read More »

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