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Rise of the Forgeborn Preview Card: Ebonskull Knight

(Editor’s Note: This article was actually written by Raidrinn, but we didn’t quite have the time to make sure that he was the one who’s name ended up on the article, nor did we give this a thorough editing pass.  Such is life when the patch hits much sooner than you expect!)

Hello everyone! Spoiler season is back and I have been given a royal gift. The purple faction has served me well in the past for awesome abilities, powerful creatures, and devastating spells. Nekrium as a faction has a tendency to have very powerful cards with interesting drawbacks that keep its effects from being overpowering. This card is no different, meet the Heroic Ebonskull Knight. Read More »

Rise of the Forgeborn Preview Card: Wallbreaker Yeti


Wallbreaker YetiWallbreaker Yeti will likely most commonly be played as a situational counter, in both draft and constructed, and in that respect it fills a small but very important niche in the metagame. Read More »

Rise of the Forgeborn Preview Cards – Uterra Draft

Rise of the Forgeborn is coming and this is a great week for spoilers.  Earlier this week, Forge Watch previewed two great Legendary cards: Steelscale Dragon and Delpha, the Chronosculpter.

Unfortunately, being at Legendary, these cards won’t have much impact on the upcoming Rise of the Forgeborn draft environment. Therefore, Kit, Noetherian, and Foxhull are excited to bring you today, a trio of upcoming Rare and Heroic cards that we believe will change the way you think about drafting Uterra. What new strategies might be available when drafting Uterra in Set 2?  Find out in today’s exclusive video preview.

With draft and Uterra on our minds, Kit, Noetherian and Fox collaborate on a Set 1 draft where we assemble a very interesting mostly-Uterra deck. At the end end of the draft video, and at the end of each of the three gameplay videos, we provide exclusive previews of upcoming Rise of the Forgeborn content.

Obviously, Forge Watch isn’t the only site bringing you exclusive previews this week. Follow @Forgewatch on Twitter for tweets and re-tweets of SolForge spoilers that we find elsewhere on the Internet. Also, if you happen to miss a preview, check out Stoneblade’s spoiler gallery on the official SolForge Facebook page.


Rise of the Forgeborn Preview Card: Delpha, Chronosculpter

From the very earliest spoilers, one of the defining Alloyin abilities has been the power to level up additional cards. Technosmith and Synapsis Oracle were the paradigmatic examples in Set 1, with Metasight adding a spell version in the small expansion. It should come as no surprise that Rise of the Forgeborn brings us an exciting new card with a similar ability. Read More »

Rise of the Forgeborn Preview Card: Steelscale Dragon

I am sure the Dragons of the Nekrium, Tempys, and Uterra used to strike fear into the Alloyin Faction. Those Dragons’ natural strength would have been hard for their machines and creations to kill. Even the great Scrapforge Titan could not match their power and speed.

But Alloyin, known for their ability to adapt and evolve, decided enough was enough. They would fight Dragons with Dragons. I expect that they pooled together their resources and knowledge for the ultimate creation. I present to you the Steelscale Dragon. Read More »

Forge Watch Exclusive Preview: Woebringer

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Spoiler season is like Christmas come early. But your opponents shouldn’t count their creatures yet, because I come bringing tidings of woe; and by woe I mean WHOA! Woebringer is everything a legendary should be. It has large splashy stats, a sweet Faction-flavored ability, awesome art, and a final form that can completely wreck your opponent.

Woebringer Read More »

Forge Watch Exclusive Preview: Deepbranch Ancient

The Deepbranch forest is dark and full of terrors, but an official SolForge preview from Stoneblade is enough to make the heart soar! We at Forge Watch are back again with a second preview! We once again put our heads together to match the many maws of the Deepbranch Ancient.


Noetherian: “What I like most about Deepbranch Ancient is that you don’t need to level it early. You can focus on first leveling cards that help you fill the board, and then use Deepbranch Ancient as an 8/8 Level 1 play mid-game.”

The Hydra’s ability is quite interesting because filling all of your lanes in the early game is quite the feat. Aside from a lucky Hunting Pack or double Echowisp, it is unlikely that you can get the buff to trigger before Player Level 2. But even as a Level 1 creature in Player Level 2, an 8/8 is a very strong play on a full board.

CerebralPaladin: “Deepbranch Ancient wouldn’t be very good in an average deck. But in a deck that’s designed to take advantage of Uterra’s unique swarming abilities (combining it with Echowisp, Hunting Pack, Frostwild Tracker, and Talisin, Bard of Abundance), it can become very strong. If you can consistently hit the trigger requirement, a 8/8, 16/16, 24/24 card is huge.”

With the large toolbox of Uterra cards that let you play extra creatures in a turn, filling up the board is much easier in Player Level 2. When aggressively leveled in the correct deck, Deepbranch Ancient is massive. Combined with a full board, your opponent is going to be hard pressed to battle his way back into the game.

Hoywolf: “With all the “free” to play cards with Echowisp and Hunting Pack I think you can build a deck around this card, he seems to be a core part of the swarming Uterra deck! I feel like the whole argument of Echowisp > Hunting Pack is about to change just slightly. I would not be playing Deepbranch Ancient without Hunting Pack AND Echowisp in the deck.”

Racecar0: “I would disagree. I don’t think there’s still ever a case where I’d rather play a Hunting Pack over something else. Too swingy, even for what it means for a card like this.”

While possible that Hunting Pack can help you trigger Deepbranch Ancient, I worry that the 50% chance of triggering is just too inconsistent for constructed play. That said, the potential power level of Deepbranch Ancient may be high enough that it warrants the inclusion of Hunting Pack just for the additional chances at a full board.

grim2103: “This card is really effective as a finisher in a Packmaster deck that is focused on keep lanes alive anyway. Additionally, if combined with Nekrium, it can be rather effective with creatures like Flesh Fiend, Death Seeker, and Yuru, Necromancer which are adept at keeping creatures on the field.”

I’m glad that grim2103 pointed this out. Between Fell Walker, Zimus the Undying, and the cards that grim2103 mentioned, your opponent will be hard pressed to keep your board clear of creatures. Redundancy is the key to making sure you trigger your Deepbranch Ancient as often as possible.

As for myself, I consider this the niche cousin of Runegrove Guardian. the Guardian has a far more generalized trigger while Deepbranch Ancient fits in a very specific arch-type. Because of the very specific building requirements for Deepbranch Ancient to trigger, he is not a very flexible card outside of the Uterra swarming strategy. While I doubt he will be considered an Uterra staple, he does a great job of being another large creature that doesn’t need to be leveled at every opportunity to be useful. I must however say, when fully unleashed at Level 3, he is a sight to behold. Do you dare face the Hydra?

Forge Watch Exclusive Preview: Energy Prison

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please. Stoneblade Entertainment has provided a glorious exclusive SolForge preview to the Forge Watch team. As this is a great moment for all of us at Forge Watch, it seemed only right that all of our staff contribute their thoughts about this card. So without further ado, Energy Prison! Read More »

The SolForge Report 8-12-2013 (Special Edition!)

Hello everyone! SeomanReborn here with a Special Edition of The SolForge Report. In the early morning hours on 8/12/2013 Brian Kibler and Justin Gary were streaming Magic: The Gathering, but then switched over to SolForge spoiler mode. They talked about various things coming up with the release of Alpha set, showed us the new Open Beta client on the PC, and gave us a ton of spoilers. Combine that with the spoilers from the SolForge Facebook page and we have a ton of awesome stuff to look at. We wanted to make sure this got out before the Open Beta client hits so lets get on with the Report!

Read More »

Alpha Preview: Frostwild Tracker

Many have had an eye out for the white tiger  of SolForge’s first set, which we have been told is code-named Alpha. The Heroic rarity Frostwild Tracker is the Uterra mirror image of Bonescythe Reaver, but instead of removing a creature of a lower level, it adds one to the board for Free. While the 4/2 body might not be able to take the heat of a face-to-face confrontation with a typical Level 1 card, its Level 2 and Level 3 abilities will either allow you to go for a quick kill or help you survive an opposing onslaught.

Aggressive Uterra decks are going to love Frostwild Tracker for two reasons: Uterran Packmaster, and Ferocious Roar. Both of these cards make even low-level creatures threats your opponent must answer. I usually don’t like to describe board states comprised of sunshine and rainbows, but I guarantee that someone out there is going to be crushed on turn 6 by an active Uterran Packmaster 2, Frostwild Tracker 2, Echowisp 1, and Ferocious Roar 2. Or, how about: Spring Dryad 3, Frostwild Tracker 3, Frostwild Tracker 2, Echowisp 1. That’s a 21/21 Dryad!

Frostwild Tracker is not only an aggressive card, but is also a critical part of Chrogias stall. For one, the Tracker allows you to block two creatures that are not in adjacent lanes with one play. The only other card that allows you to do this is Hunting Pack, but it can’t do this reliably. The Tracker also makes it easier to play higher depreciation cards like Technosmith 1, Glowstrider Stag 1, or Chrogias 1 in the later levels of the game. While you may be tempted to think of Frostwild Tracker as an extra playset of Echowisp, take the time to evaluate what level 1 cards work well with it, because the level 1 cards you play in mid- and late-game might be crucial to tilting a game in your favor.

Whether your goal is to quickly crush your opponents’ dreams in a way that happens too fast, or fight to keep your dreams alive, Frostwild Tracker will help you rise to the challenge of your rival. Take time to think about card choices in your deck, get into the online queues, have the guts, and get the glory.

Eye of the tiger
Eye of the tiger
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