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The Bracket: Some Drafting Errors

Okay, so the world of competitive SolForge is starting to get rumbling again, so this column will start to get moving again as well.  The First Forge Watch Invitational was a huge success, so after some lengthy discussions amongst ourselves, some consultations with SBE, and some lengthy nap times, we’ve decided to do it again!   Details about the invitational can be found here; here details about the tournament series, which will earn you invites to the invitational.  The first qualifying tournament is February 15; sign-ups will start next week, but it’s never too early to start thinking about your decks!

Also, last week saw the first major Unheroic Tournament since the patch.  Congratulations to SilverTail on an impressive victory.  From a metagame perspective, Tarsus Deathweaver decks were clearly dominant.  Only time will tell if another deck will arise to defeat it, or if Tarsus is simply master of the unheroic format in the current card pool.

Okay, enough with the Spring Cleaning, let’s talk about draft.  I’ve been playing a lot of draft, and I’ve noticed my opponents making the same three mistakes over and over again.  So, in case any of you happen to be reading this column,  I thought I might try to offer some constructive criticism.  I’ll call those three mistakes:

  • Too Much of a Good Thing
  • Stallin’ for Nothin’
  • Limpin’ Outta the Gate

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SolForge Report 12-20-2013

Hey everyone! SeomanReborn here with a Draft-saturated version of the SolForge Report. This week the update we have been hyping for weeks was finally released and we now have access to Tournaments and Drafting. We finally get to see what the Tempys Legendary card is and Kibler talked to us about where SolForge is going from here. Let’s get on with the Report!

The Patch

At around 8:45 PDT on Wednesday, Dec. 19, the latest patch hit Steam and the iPad/iPhone versions were available shortly after. If this is your first time on the SolForge Report, here is a list of all the things that were added or changed

  • Draft and Constructed Tournament queues were added. For more information, make sure you check out the Tournament section on the website!
  • Event Tickets, which are used to enter Drafts and Constructed Tournaments, are now available with Gold, Silver, Tournament Prizes, and Daily Rewards
  • There were 24 new cards added to the game. These were added to the main card pool and there are new packs you can buy that will have a chance of containing these. (As a side note, if you had old packs, you will find them using the Inventory button near your Silver total)
  • The iPhone version of SolForge was released with all the current features enabled.
  • Many cards have been updated or changed. Check out the Full Patch Notes to read all the specifics changes.
  • There were many changes and improvements to the UI.

If you want to read all of the changes just use the Spoiler button below.

Full Patch Notes SelectShow

There are several undocumented changes that came with the patch. Artwork changes to Botaminate and Avalanche Invoker were slipped in with no mention anywhere. If you find something not in the official patch notes, let us know!

What’s Next?

Here is what StoneBlade has said they are working on for the next update:

  • Crafting – Kibler stated on the stream that there has already been a bunch of work done on this and we should be hearing more details relatively soon.
  • Chatting/Interacting with your Opponent – They added a Chat button on the PC client version to help people communicate more but they do want ways of interacting with your opponent. There are currently no details on this yet.
  • Single Card Purchases/Website Update – These are tied together and they are currently working on this. Kibler said they think this will be done before the next major update.
  • Leaderboard/Competitive Play – This is something that Kibler said we should be hearing about in the near future.

Silver Cost for Drafting

Originally, there was never an indication that you would be allowed to purchase Tournament Tickets for Constructed or Tournament Play. As a surprise, StoneBlade added the ability to purchase tickets for the cost of 40K Silver. Many people thought this was very steep and Kibler responded to such a thread on the official forums. Here is what he had to say:

Kibler Quote from the Forums SelectShow

Many people are trying to gather data about the averages for the different rewards. I would head to the official forums and Reddit to report your findings and help us make better informed feedback.

Kas, Arcweaver

The Tempys Legendary was shrouded in mystery leading up to the patch. Tempys needed another aggressive creature and it looks like this is it. And, before you ask, he can attack more than twice if you cast multiple spells in one turn. This makes him good in combo decks involving the recently changed Lightning Brand. This is a card I am hoping to get soon and I hope you are as excited as I am about it!

Want to see a full card spoiler? We recently posted a complete card list with pictures here.


  • There will be  some sort of Holiday Promotion for SolForge but currently there are no details. Stayed tuned to all the SolForge news channels of communication so you don’t miss it!
  • The official SolForge FAQ was updated with the patch and now contains information about Tournaments as well. If you have questions about SolForge I would suggest reading it first.

The Stream

Watch live video from StoneBlade on TwitchTV

SolForge Report 12-11-2013

Hello everyone! SeomanReborn here with a preview extravaganza version of the SolForge Report. This week, we got a Chrogias-load of preview cards and an update about the upcoming Patch. Kibler talked about Daily Reward changes and reminded users about StoneBlade’s policy on third party programs. Let’s get on with the Report

Patch Update

  • The Patch is ready to submit to Apple. They plan on submitting it in the next few days then it is all in Apple’s court. The expectation is to have it in our hands before Holiday break.
  • You won’t always get a Tournament Ticket as one of your daily rewards, but Kibler was unclear about how many you should average in a week.
  • You will be able to purchase Draft Tickets with a “quite high” amount of Silver.
  • Drafts will cost 7 tickets and Constructed Tournaments will cost 3 tickets.
  • Constructed Tournaments will have tickets as rewards for winning.
  • There will be no distinction between Gold or Silver tickets in the client. Because of this, if any part of a Draft or Constructed Tournament is paid with Gold tickets then all cards earned will be marked as Gold for purpose of trading.
  • Kibler announced that the “3rd win of the day” daily reward will be going away, and in its place will be a reward for a 3rd win against an Online Opponent and a 5th win against an Online Opponent. They plan on going to a “Silver per win” system but they do not have the UI system in place to implement this method.

Preview Cards

This last week saw a huge influx of preview cards. Here are all the cards in order of release:

SeomanReborn’s Featured Streamer Preview

Cypien Infiltrator

Note that when the card was shown on Facebook, the card name was changed, indicating a typo on the initial preview.

TinyGrimes’s Featured Streamer Preview

Witherfrost Banshee

Foxhull’s Featured Stream Preview Preview Card – read Raidrinn’s article here!


Player Level 4 Preview Card

Stone Blade’s Weekly Stream Preview

Wildfire Maiden

All of these previews, except for the latest stream preview, are reviewed by the Forge Watch crew on the latest Player Level 4 Podcast. Check it out to hear our thoughts about all of these spoilers! Also, Kibler spoiled that the SolForge SubReddit will be showing off their preview card sometime this week.


  • The official SolForge FAQ is up on the website. Make sure to check it out here.
  • Kibler commented on a post about a “SolForge Bot” program that you could run that would automatically do your dailies for you. As per the SolForge Terms of Use this is not allowed and according to Kibler it is a bannable offense. Don’t use third party programs with SolForge.
  • There will be more information about Leaderboards and the Tournament scene coming out next year.
  • On Facebook, Thundersaur’s rarity was confirmed as Legendary.

The Stream

Watch live video from StoneBlade on TwitchTV

SolForge Report 12-4-2013

Hello everyone! SeomanReborn here with a turkey-leftovers edition of the SolForge Report. This week Kibler showed us an awesome Nekrium card and hinted that the patch is on the horizon. Kibler also discussed a change with the way StoneBlade wants to do client updates and gave us an update about Crafting. To help people with questions about the update coming out soon, I have compiled a large FAQ that should contain almost everything we have heard about it so far. Let’s get on with the Report!

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SolForge Report 11-27-2013

Hello everyone! SeomanReborn here with a pre-turkey edition of the SolForge Report. This week, Kibler gave us another card preview and discussed what StoneBlade is thinking about doing with Draft and Constructed Tournament rewards. John Fiorillo gave us greater transparency on the status of the upcoming patch and SolForge made the Forbes Top DCG list. On with the Report!

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SolForge Report 10-23-2013

Hey everyone! SeomanReborn here with this week’s edition of the SolForge Report. This week Kibler gave us more information about their current drafting plans while John Fiorillo explained StoneBlade’s stance on Drafting Rounds and Pricing. StoneBlade is going to be at Spiel in Essen in Germany and the next Patch appears to be coming out soon. Let’s get on with the Report!

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SolForge Report 10-16-2013

Hey everyone! SeomanReborn here with another SolForge Report. There has been a 2 week gap, since there was no SolForge stream last week with Brian Kibler being out of the country. He came back and unloaded a bunch of information about Tournaments and Drafting. Kibler also commented about the card changes rumored to have been found in the newest client. Let’s get on with the Report!

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The Best (and Worst) of SolForge

I like lists, and I realized that I haven’t yet done any in this column yet.  So clearly it was time to put that to rights.  Below, in addition to the standard run-down of recent SolForge tournaments, you’ll find a series of Top 3 lists: Cards to Nerf, Cards to Buff, Cards to Watch, Cards to Draft, and Cards to Play Once The Metagame Evolves.  I fully expect people to disagree with me on these things; after all, what’s the fun of a Top 3 list if you don’t say some provocative things? Read More »

SolForge Report 10-2-2013

Hey everyone! SeomanReborn here with this week’s SolForge Report. Patch 3.1.2 hit the live servers and they were overloaded from the influx of players. Kibler provided us with more information about Tournament Tickets while also showing us how close the iPhone version was to being completed. Let’s get on with the Report!

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SolForge Report 9-25-2013

Hello everyone! SeomanReborn here with another edition of the SolForge Report. The Forge Watch Invitational Tournament was announced and Kibler talked about the future of SolForge Tournaments in depth on the stream. The Small Update is coming out very soon and Faction Starter decks are coming with it. Let’s get on with the Report!

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