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The SolForge Report 8-21-2013 (GenCon and Interview Edition!)

The SolForge Report 8-21-2013 (GenCon and Interview Edition!)

Hello everyone! SeomanReborn here, back from GenCon and still not down from the Set 1 release high! Both have been very time-consuming but not without a bunch of fun and excitement. Set 1 or “Alpha” was released last Tuesday (8-13-2013) right before the weekly stream. While it had many initial server problems, the set itself is fantastic. I have been making several decks a day testing out different ideas, and it seems like the possibilities are just endless right now. For GenCon, I got to work with Rob Dougherty in the Event Hall running mainly Ascension tournaments. This didn’t stop me from preaching the good word about SolForge and getting tons of cool info, though. I even did an interview with Justin Gary!

There are still many big questions about the future of SolForge and there are actually a ton of answers available right now. So on with the Report!

Interview with Justin Gary

I was able to do an exclusive interview with Justin Gary on Friday of GenCon. I had asked on my video blog for people to give me questions to ask and ended up with some good ones. Justin revealed information about Animated Cards, “Normal Drafting”, Card Access for Free-to-Play players, Silver Rewards, Alternate Formats, and God-mode Tournaments!

NOTE: Many of the features discussed will not be available in the immediate future and have no set time for release.

Kibler mentioned during the 8/20 stream that they might do more with God-mode for players in the form of special weekends so players can try out new cards.

Next Update

Kibler mentioned that the next major update should include Tournament Play (Drafting and Constructed), Matchmaking, and possibly a small set of newer cards. Rumors from GenCon suggest this is currently planned for September, but as Kibler said on the stream “It will be released when it is done”.

After that, the next goal is to start working on Trading /Auction House, iPhone update, and Silver rewards. Android and Campaign mode are still scheduled for the end of this year. There isn’t any word on when achievements will be updated.


Full trading is still a few months off, but StoneBlade has said they want people to be able to do something with their extra cards before that. Once again, they have promised this very soon, so hopefully we will see something in the next update. It will be some form of trading up and/or selling back.

One additional tidbit for full Trading is that the current plan is to disallow player trading for cards acquired with Silver.  This includes tournaments that are not paid for with Gold. Cards in your inventory will be marked to easily identify which is which and even now cards are marked trade-able or not trade-able; You just can’t see it on the client.

Daily Rewards, Booster Packs, and Probability

Digging into the code behind SolForge, we were able to find out exactly what the percentages are when it comes to Daily Rewards and opening Booster Packs.  I have provided a chart below that explains the breakdown of your chances of receiving each type of card. Based on this data, we are operating under the assumption that each type is rolled separately in order of Legendary, Heroic, Rare, then Common.  For example, if I got a normal booster pack, the card 8 slot would roll a die with a 12.5% chance to get a Legendary.  If that fails, it goes to the next roll, in this case being 100% chance to get a Heroic instead.

Common Rare Heroic Legendary
Basic Booster Packs
Card 1 100%   3%  
Card 2 100%   3% 0.1%
Card 3   100% 3% 1%
Normal Booster Packs        
Card 1 100%      
Card 2 100%      
Card 3 100%      
Card 4 100% 10%    
Card 5 100% 10%    
Card 6   100% 10%  
Card 7   100% 10%  
Card 8     100% 12.5%
Premium Booster Packs        
Card 1 100%      
Card 2 100%      
Card 3 100% 10%    
Card 4   100% 10%  
Card 5   100% 10%  
Card 6   100% 10%  
Card 7     100% 5%
Card 8     100% 5%
Card 9     100% 5%
Card 10       100%
Single Card 100% 33% 8% 2%

NOTE: The Single Card is currently for when you receive one as part of your Daily Reward.

The randomization that determines your Daily Rewards uses the same system:

  (See Above)      
Single Card Basic Booster Normal Booster Premium Booster
Daily Card/Booster 100% 33% 24% 1%

The Silver rewards are a bit more complicated. There are several random rolls done for varying levels of Silver. The most you can get is 2025 and the least you can get is 450 per Daily Reward. If you want to see the specific breakdowns just hit “show” on the spoiler.

Silver Reward Breakdown SelectShow

For more information about why rewards are this way just start watching the stream from 8/20 at 16:30. Kibler has a very nice explanation for the reasoning behind this system.


  • Tournament tickets for Constructed and Drafting should be added to the Daily Log-in rewards when it becomes available
  • Tournament tickets will also be rewards for doing Tournaments and Drafts.
  • You should be able to buy Tournament tickets with Gold and possibly with Silver. If they are bought with Silver any rewards will not be tradeable.
  • Current plan is to have you keep any cards you get from Drafting.

While at GenCon, several people heard more about the ideas that StoneBlade has been throwing around for the future tournament circuit. One of the ideas that was discussed is a tiered system. The first tier would be very frequent (perhaps daily) and winning one would give you a ticket to enter a tournament at the second tier which would happen more infrequently (perhaps weekly). Winning this tournament would get you into the 3rd tier which would happen even more infrequently (perhaps every four months) and so on. Each time you would also get other rewards that would increase as you go along. Once again, this is just an idea some of the developers discussed and is not set in stone.

Since there seems to be a lot of confusion over the standard drafting method SolForge will most likely be using it, I will provide a short overview:

  • Drafts will not require any booster packs to enter. They will cost tournament tickets or something equivalent to them.
  • Normal SolForge drafts are planned to be Asynchronous Swiss rounds. You will draft by yourself and then queue up to play against other people who have also solo drafted and are the same score as you. (Example: If you lost the first round you will get paired up against other people who lost the first round).
  • When you are done you will earn rewards based on your individual performance. There will be no overall winner of the draft.
  • You will get to keep all the cards you gain during the draft. If it was a free ticket from a daily or otherwise not paid for with Gold the cards will not be tradeable.
  • “Normal” drafting, or drafting against other players, passing packs, etc. will most likely be available at a later date.

In the code, there are sections referencing drafting packs as well. They are labeled by faction and have arbitrary percentages attached to them. One of the ideas tossed around at GenCon was the possibility of being shown four initial cards, one from each faction. You pick two of those and from then on you are shown only cards from those factions for the rest of your picks. It is unsure if that will be part of the final drafting process.

Campaign Mode

  • It will most likely not be ready until the end of this year.
  • They are currently looking at an “energy” or “gating” system to limit progress per day.
  • Achievements and completing quests will give you very specific rewards, not just Silver/Gold/Packs.
  • Raid Bosses for Co-op mode will most likely not be available when it is released.


  • Kibler stated he will be speaking in a panel about Digital Card Games at PAX Prime. If you are going, you should check it out!
  • The iPad build has some issues that are currently not affecting the PC version and they are working on a fix.
  • When new sets come out, StoneBlade is considering giving them their own booster packs. The previous set would then be moved to the main pool of cards and be available through the normal booster packs.
  • They are considering having new starter decks available for purchase.
  • Many people have already received their Kickstarter T-shirts. Be sure to check your mail!

The Streams


Watch live video from stoneblade on TwitchTV


Watch live video from stoneblade on TwitchTV

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  1. This is definitely one of the most info packed Reports yet. I can’t decide if I should shun co-workers at lunch to listen to the interview or wait.

  2. Only 1 in 25 basic packs contains better than rare? Seems wrong.

    • I have opened around 35 basic boosters on my main account and have gotten only 2 heroics so far. My F2P account has gotten a Legendary and a Heroic upgrade in about the same number of packs.

      Hopefully the addition having the free trials and subsequent sale will help that out a lot.

    • Isn’t there also 3% for each of the other two card slots though?

  3. The rarity % and daily reward distribution is amazing info!

    So basically from the way packs are priced in the store, 8 basic packs are supposed to be worth 1 normal pack.
    Assuming the posted odds are correct..
    From the rarity perspective, you need to open ~11 basic packs (100% of getting a heroic from a normal booster divided by 9% of getting a heroic from the basic booster) on average to get a single heroic instead of the expected 8.

    For legendaries you’d get 1 out of 8 for normals and 1 out of ~91 (100%/1.1%) for basics. Dividing 91 out of 8, we see that you’d get 1 legendary for the price of 11.375 normal packs instead of the expected 8. Same ratio which makes sense..

    So basically by not being able to buy normal packs with silver there’s a reasonable loss of value (almost 50%)
    Those are not *terrible* odds I guess.. Then if we add the fact that 8 basics have three times more cards compared to 1 normal pack, maybe that discrepancy makes sense.

    I guess this is exactly what they meant when they explained why they’re limiting only 1 type of booster to be bought with F2P currency 😀
    Still, it would be cool for anyone who already has most of the commons to be able to buy a better value pack.

  4. ya rarity stuff was really neat to see! but how i only got 7 legendaries from 116 booster packs kind of annoys me.. but oh well 🙂

    I got a question though, and I’m being a bit daft i guess.. is about the drafting, solo drafting? I dont get this so you will get a set of cards do you then select some cards and it goes off in the eather to someone else and you get a different pack back to pick some more cards and you keep doing that until done, and this all done asyncronous, so you dont have your traditional 8 players that you pass cards to could it be a different person around the globe every time? or is this actually more like a sealed event? have this many cards make the best of it? I just dont get how its suppose to work..

    since a big thing in draft is all about denying and figuring out what your neighbors are playing.. and then i guess you might not be playing at all against the people that you draft with if you just go into a “solo queue”?

    confused.. anyone know anything more on this?


    • From what I gather, the asynch drafting method they are using essentially takes the table out of the draft and focuses more on making a deck with a limited set of cards. That aspect of drafting is often confusing to new players and I think it’s a smart move on their part to eliminate it (creates faster games and gets more people into the draft). It should be noted that if you like the idea of table-style drafting, Justin mentioned in his interview that they are looking to set up something that will appease those folks as well, but it will likely be further down the line.

  5. It’s a good thing I didn’t save any packs for drafting, then, assuming you don’t need any of them to draft, haha. I wonder if at the start of a draft tournament they generate one card pool for everyone in the tournament, which would mean each person has the same chance at building an elite deck using the same cards, or if they are going to do it more like a sealed MTG draft and everyone has their own card pool with which to play. Either way, if they make it where you have to pick your two factions early instead of seeing your whole card pool first, drafting could get infuriating. “Oh man, Grimgaunt and Echowisp, I’m set!” I know drafting always has a little bit of a luck involved, but I’d like to believe that skill of making the best of a full carpool should play somewhat of a factor too.

  6. I hope cards obtained through KS or KS funds will be tradeable.
    I did not see the 12.5% of Legendary on Normal packs either; only 3 with around 70 packs.

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